8th Planet: The Basics

Chune and the 8th Planet
The 8th Planet is among the thirteen that circle a tempestuous green star called Chune. It is orbited by the fallow moons Quantique and her sister Jandeline. Nominally governed by Septernis the Gate-City, it is a minuscule world of old growth forests banded by a foggy Salt Sea. Beneath the planet's crust are rich deposits of valuable phlogiston crystals much-prized by the Landsmen of Northern Aegon. These crystals are the focal point of Septernis' economy.

Terrain and Plant Life
About two-fifths of the 8th Planet's surface is covered by the Salt Sea. The other three-fifths maintains dense  areas of pseudo-coniferous forest and treacherous bogland, here and there speckled with freshwater lakes and cold, narrow rivers. These forests form a dense canopy. A wide variety of shambling fungi and  phosphorescent plants flourishes in the darkness below.

Animal Life
Intelligent, indigenous creatures include phraints and the bird-like simorghs. Mammalian types are notably absent (this does not include humans, an alien element on 8th Planet). Giant, crusted insects are common and vary wildly in shape and disposition. Protean creatures such as the Phrithian Worm are dispersed in the hollows beneath the planet's surface. These rudimentary scavengers seem to be direct antecedents of the surface animals and share some very basic features (notably the noctid gland and a mineral-processing pre-stomach).

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