Other Planets = Godforsaken Boondocks

Most of the action in an 8th Planet campaign will occur on the eponymous world and adjacent planets of the Chune system. Several of these others have moons. A certain number are completely lifeless. What I want to avoid is the monochrome approach seen in Star Wars and its sequels, so all of the habitable worlds will possess multiple terrains (and so more game possibilities). Minimal attention will be paid to the real world science of planetology. What interests me are little worlds -- smaller-than-Earth worlds -- not only because these settings are more practical and manageable as a DM, but because they are on the scale of the kingdoms and territories found in a traditional D&D campaign.

Chune and its sister star, Yonde

Chune and its sister Yonde are examples of life-fostering stars. They exist in an area rife with the remains of a prehuman civilization (ruins, artifacts, living creations, etc). Mankind has come on these remains very late. The former tenants of this sector have long been extinct. Some of their history and science is understood by humans, but much of it remains indecipherable. Man is limited by his comprehension of the cosmos, and so he seeks to reassemble the knowledge that has been lost. In a less noble sense, he is a microbe picking at the fossilized bones of an unknown animal.

Of the thirteen worlds that orbit Chune, five have been annexed and partially settled by humans. Traffic between these planets is common and occasionally hazardous.

The Chune System (from innermost to outermost) (so far):
  • Chune 1 (Phax) -- A small, barren rock teeming with life under the surface. Massive caverns house forests, lakes, rivers and seas. Unsettled.
  • Chune 2 (Chandelume)*
  • Chune 3 (Ulbezzon)*
  • Chune 4 (The "Purple Rock") -- A world of toxic fumes and labyrinthine mountains, dense jungles and hostile sentients. Unsettled.
  • Chune 5 -- Massive orange gas giant. Unsettled.
  • Chune 6 (Pangash the "Midworld") -- Center of local trade. A minute world with one of the busiest ports in the system. Settled.
  • Chune 7 -- Moon-sized orb rich with exotic metals. Unsettled.
  • Chune 8 (8th Planet) -- Home setting. Settled.
  • Chune 9 (Sulgen) -- Largest of the habitable worlds in this system. Rich with ocean life. Relatively untouched despite growing commercial interest in its crystallized wastelands. Settled.
  • Chune 10*
  • Chune 11*
  • Chune 12*
  • Chune 13*