8th Planet: Some Idea-Seeds

Wanted to take a moment to jot down (and organize) some of the 8th Planet material that's been piling up. Until this thing makes its appearance in PDF form this stuff is in an amorphous state. Some ideas may be discarded or modified later. Mostly I just want to play a fragmentary tune for you and see if any of it resonates.

Chune, the Green Star

CHUNE VIII ("8th Planet")

(1) A stable-core world of the Chune system with moderate, Earth-like gravity and a dense oxygen-based atmosphere. It is banded by a single, saltwater sea that divides its two principle landmasses: Aegon and Pandelay. The 8th Planet is biologically developed with life appearing as early as 170 million cycles ago.

(2) Chune VIII is orbited by two moons. Quantique, the larger of the pair, takes 268 days to complete its slow-drifting journey around the little world. Jandeline maintains a tight orbit just above 8th Planet's atmosphere and circles it twice a day. While Quantique presents an inhospitable milieu -- all gray rock riddled with deep, barren crevasses and only the thinnest of breathable atmospheres -- Jandeline is dense and dark and alive. A jungle interrupted by hundreds of deep, bubbling lakes of uligen*. Much of its rich vapors are scraped from the outer airs of 8th Planet itself.

(3) Humans have established a nine month calendar based on Chune VIII's distinctive seasonal phases. The seasons are colloquially known as Monsoon, Mass Sporation, and Lunar Apotheosis. Monsoon is characterized by heavy, unrelenting rains. Storms can rage for the full three months and (rarely) even extend into Mass Sporation. Typically when the Monsoon season has subsided 8th Planet's flora begin blooming and subsequently release thick, purple clouds of spores that dim the green light of Chune for several weeks. This is the first part of the season of Mass Sporation. Overall this is the most active period of 8th Planet's life cycle. By the end of the season, many plants will have reached maturity. [Despite the efforts of the Engineers, most humans are highly allergic to fresh spores and are forced to use breathing apparatus while outside.] Mass Sporation ends with the nearing of Quantique. The intense electro-magnetic attraction/interaction between 8th Planet and its larger moon gives rise to eerie electrical storms. These characterize the season of Lunar Apotheosis. Much of the planet's life is rendered inactive at this time, with many creatures entering a sort of death-like torpor phase. Electrical storms occur for approximately 60-90 days. Occasionally these produce residual fields [visible to humans] which settle to the planet's surface like blankets of prismatic glass.

(3a) During Lunar Apotheosis the ancient teleportational gateway connecting the city of Septernis on 8th Planet to its counterpart on Quantique is activated. The electrical fugue produced by the moon's proximity to 8th Planet is the medium through which teleportation occurs.

(4) Aegon is the larger of 8th Planet's principle landmasses. Covered with dense, pseudo-pine canopy forests and dank marshlands, the island-continent is divided into Northern and Southern territories. Tall mountain-plateaus and cradles exist in the north. Many of 8th Planet's human residents are found there. While a few scattered, blunted mountain ranges are dappled across the surface of Southern Aegon, the region is prone to flooding, creating a boggy and treacherous landscape.

(4a) Phraints build colonies sometimes thousands of yards deep beneath the Aegonic woodlands. Depth indicates the relative ancientness of all phraint excavations. Genetically specialized phraints called eononche use their massive, spike-crusted forelimbs to dig through the planet's mineral-rich loam.

(5) Green alloy (gresh) -- a foreign substance on 8th Planet that is crafted by the Troglodytes of Quantique. A pliable yet sturdy metal alloy with properties similar to steel.
*Uligen: A life-fostering, semi-transparent gray fluid. Poisonous to humans but the material from which all life on Jandeline spawned.

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  1. Wonderfully evocative stuff--especially like the uligen and the phraints...plus it's nice to see Quantique still around like that...