Adventure Time

Scene from "The Other Tarts" (Episode 18a)
Adventure Time is an ongoing Cartoon Network series created by Pendleton Ward about the adventures of the boy Finn and his magical dog Jake. Set in the D&D-esque Land of Ooo, it plays like an old Dragon Mirth serial brough to vivid life on the TV screen. I'm serious. This is dice-chucker crack.

Ward obviously has a deep and abiding love for the cliches and conventions of tabletop RPGs. There's a certain Seussian strangeness to the creatures and environments of Ooo. A sort of whimsical genius that oscillates somewhere between the deep-bizarre stuff and the excited chatter of a D&D summer camp game-room.

The show is now in its second season and up to about 18 installments, with each episode split into two 11-minute stories. Here are some more screen caps:

"It Came from the Nightosphere" (E. 14a)
"Dungeon" (E. 10b)
"City of Thieves" (E. 7a)
"Blood Under the Skin" (E. 15b)
"Story Telling" (E. 16a)


  1. Adventure Time is a pretty cool little cartoon.

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