The Etymologia of the Kandoon

The first grimoire. Once a possession of the god Otwan the Kandoon[1]. It is recorded that the Etymologia consists of four lists of nouns (grammaries) transcribed in the Origin language. Such knowledge is very dangerous, for to speak a thing's original name is to bring it into existence. These manifestations are instantaneous and require elemental components from the immediate environment in order to form properly. Included among the lists are the names of things that Were, the names of things that Are, the names of things that Are Not Yet, and the names of those things that Can Never Be. These words are the basis of the second language, the root grammary of incantation[2].

Several primal mythologies describe the passage of the book to the Jale Emperor, most ancient of the lords of Jindelil, who used its words to move the world and change its shape[3]. The current dynasty, the Tsulduines, claims descent from the House of Jale, though this is not verifiable due to gaps in the ancient genealogies. If such is the case, it is theoretically possible that the Kandoon's book is part of their renowned collection of magical antiquities. 

Some philosophies hold that the Etymologia is self-aware, that it writes itself and continues to expand on its grammaries in spontaneous fits of creativity.


[1] Otwan's classic representation is that of a primitive scaled man with the head of a serpent or dragon. He is a patron of imagination, speech, knowledge and inquiry. He inseminated the lands of Cuthiel and fathered a daughter he named Ywenna ("the green maiden") who is credited with the creation of passion, hatred and envy.

[2] This is the language of thought-symbols often credited to Gwesh the Chanter, a primal magician who dwelled in an ancient forest swallowed by the sea ages ago when the Jale Emperor changed the shape of the world (see below).

[3] Most erudytes agree that the world was originally shaped like an ovoid floating in the aetherial drifts around a sun called Iog, a period generally known as the Ioggian Eon. Iog had dwindled in size very slowly for many millions of years before collapsing suddenly into the form of a radiant red acorn. After several weeks this light caused all creatures on the face of the world to go quite mad. Many, including the domesticated beasts of today, fled beneath the surface of the world to escape the weird radiation and the delirious behavior it evoked. This all ended with the appearance of the Jale Emperor, an uncommonly clever man who could read and speak the Origin language revealed to him by his demonic thralls, Quigyyoth the Convivial and Bog-Shush the Interminable. Reading from the Etymologia, the Emperor effected the cataclysmic change that rendered the world a perfect sphere and sent it hurtling into orbit around its present sun, blue-green Nume, where it began a new phase in its existence.


  1. That's pretty damn cool! I love your capacity to inspire a sense of magic and wonder through descriptions.

  2. Hey thanks! The above was partially inspired by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges.