Kenneth Grant excerpt

From Against the Light (1997):
The first time I had opened the Grimoire, a sickly scent clung to its leaves. It evoked memories of events I was unable fully to recall. Frustratingly elusive they were yet persistent; and, as I turned again in memory the faded leaves with their sprawling graphs and cyphers, they seemed to conjure some indefinable madness. Many were inscribed with impressions of distorted, vaguely human figures and what appeared to be aimlessly meandering maps. They were drawn in a dark coloured substance, with signs and place-names (?) picked out in scarlets and greens. There were also semblances of human heads set upon grotesquely arachnoid bodies - all in a warped perspective recalling a Caligari backdrop.


  1. Grant is awesome! One of the last direct acolytes of Aleister Crowley, still alive and puttering around in a flat (near London, I think) and publishing grimoires like the one he talks about above. Of course, Crowley rejected and anathematized Grant, like he did with 99% of his other followers, but that doesn't stop him!

    I just posted "six links" yesterday, but it should have been seven: here's one for Grant's publishing house! :-)

  2. Excellent blog, Cygnus. I'll be checking it regularly from now on. 'Homebrew '82' is a camptastic name for a retro-clone -- I dig it!

  3. AFAIK Crowley never denounced Grant, though a lot of modern day Thelemites think Grant's fucking crazy.

  4. Awww... my above post was incorrect in its most pertinent fact. See: