The Landscape of Jindelil

Partially inspired by Zardoz (1973)
Some sites and features in the vicinity of the city of Jindelil and its demesne.

  • Basilisk's Garden. A shadowy pinewoods not far from a hillside grotto where a female basilisk is known to lair. Scattered throughout the area's thick-rooted undergrowth are the statue-like forms of those who wandered too close to the creature's granite nesting-place. Only the foolhardy -- possibly those looking to get at the basilisk's egg-clutch -- would dare venture out into the region during the warm months of summer when the beast and its mates roam freely. Basilisks sleep through the winter, after their eggs have hatched and that year's brood have wandered off in the direction of the Steaming Cleft*.  Certain trade-hands will occasionally hire drifters and local toughs to trek out to the Basilisk's Garden during the bleak winter months and fetch as many petrified heads as they are willing to cut and carry back to Jindelil. Such heads fetch tidy sums on the Wizard's Market as they are a primary ingredient in eidetic melanges**. Mages with a keen interest in history will occasionally reanimate petrified heads and extract  raw memories for their psychic records.
  • Decrepitudes of Nembrin. A dry and windy region riddled with shallow crevasses that sometimes house ponds and lakes fed by warm subterranean wells. Though the distance between these green dells is considerable they are connected by a community of psionic trees called the Qoiquonk*.
  • Fallen Idol. A monument to a forgotten deity that fell during the last of the Nine Tumults*. The wandering duke of Banaloor once estimated that the original construction must have stood nearly a half-mile tall, its bearded head casting a watchful shadow across the green Hills of Barth. The figure's shattered remains are now peppered across an area roughly three miles square. A tribe of pooks** have lived in the Idol's excavated skull for centuries. They are ruled by a demented king named Pellango the Dreamless.  
  • Ley Lines. Intersecting pathways of geomantic energy. There are three nodes in the vicinity of Jindelil: (1) The Hangman's Cross-Road; (2) The Jale Stone; (3) Summoner's Hill. Each node is a seething vortex* that connects reality to an adjacent dimension. A particular spell is needed to awaken/open these doorways.
*In the jungle-like environment of the Steaming Cleft the nestling basilisks will mature into adulthood.
**Psychoactive blends that expand the mage's memory. Principle ingredients include powder of petrified brain and fractured yggoa crystals.

*The Qoiquonk are massive, squat deciduous growths that house ancient intellects. All of the Qoiquonk are connected to a common telepathic environment called the Well where their identities roam and mingle freely. 

*The Tumults: When the Titan Cryscrythandiax awoke from his torpor and ventured to the surface of the world where he wrought destruction on a scale hitherto unseen by Mankind. He was lulled back to sleep by Preen the Piper and is now sealed in the lowermost vault of the Hidden Ossuary.
**The pooks are a race of donkey-headed demons with the uncanny ability to mimic any voice they hear. They are allergic to copper (and by extension bronze and brass).

*Only wizards, ghosts, fey creatures and peculiar children can see the radiance of a nodal vortex.


  1. I think I like the notes more that the gazetteer. Wonderful little details!

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  3. @Trey: Thanks, man. The footnotes thing is just an affectation picked up from reading Vance and Stanislaw Lem. Just a great way to paste some ideas that wouldn't necessarily fit in the main text.

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