New Acquisitions: Weird Tales July/August 1931

Scored a couple suitably mouldering issues of Weird Tales today at the local flea market. I didn't pay much ($3 a piece) and they're on the way out in terms of decay, but it's still awesome to own a couple original story appearances by Clark Ashton Smith ("The Venus of Azombeii" and "A Voyage to Sfanomoƫ") as well as Lovecraft's Plutonian nightmare, "The Whisperer in Darkness."

July 1931
August 1931
The covers are devoted to O. A. Klein's "Tam Son of the Tiger" serial which ran for six issues in 1931. I haven't read it but it looks rather ERB-esque -- not unlike a lot of OAK's work. These copies are literally moldy, a circumstance which may lead me to dissecting them and scanning the pages in order to digitally preserve them. Of course I'll post any interesting bits (including the Smith and Lovecraft stories) here for your enjoyment.


  1. Holy cockamoly! Lucky find!

    My big lucky find lately was in December: an 1896 copy of Etidorhpa in a wine bar basement in North Carolina!

  2. Sweet find! Digitize away. I'm doing that with an old, loved Pogo book that doesn't have much longer to live.