Tactical Play Koncepts: Mission Statement and Xothique Info

Tactical Play Koncepts [TPK] is Gorgonmilk's official "house brand" and imprint. TPK's aim is to produce a variety of campaign settings and rules supplements that build on the foundations of the original fantasy rpg. These products will be adaptable and easy to use with your favorite rules simulators, retro-clones, and five-handled family credenzas. 

I will be responsible for the bulk of the writing for these products, but I will be looking for artists to contribute illustrations and maps. A typical project will flow like this: (1) I produce an unillustrated PDF draft which will be released for free here on Gorgonmilk. (2) Artists can then read the document, and if they are interested in contributing they can contact me via e-mail. (3) We can discuss the "look" of the project. I'm less interested in telling you what to draw than finding out what you want to draw and running with that. (4) The final, arted-up version will be offered for sale. All proceeds will go back to the artists (and cover printing costs, if applicable). Does this seem like a reasonable model? Ideally I would like to charge $4 to $6 for a given PDF product.

At the top of my to-do list -- and this is, I admit, a list prone to certain metamorphoses -- is Xothique. About two years ago I had planned to do a campaign setting based on Clark Ashton Smith's Zothique story cycle. After a few weeks I got cold feet and the material was shelved. I want to un-shelve that stuff and put together something I can share with you. Perhaps not as grand in scope as I originally intended, but something that might be a seed. As I'm compiling this material for PDF publication, I will be playtesting it here at Gorgonmilk Ranch. Bits will be posted here on the blog, but don't be surprised if you see them altered/edited in the first draft.

Other projects include:
  • 8th Planet (Far-flung space fantasy)
  • Jindelil (Vancian/Lovecraftian oddball stuff in the vein of Quantique)
  • TSR Middle-Earth


  1. I followed your original Xothique announcements with great interest and if fact still have the picture of your cover mock-up on file, as I found it very inspirational. At the time I had just started reading CAS for the first time and was loving it. I look forward to seeing your work in progress.

  2. Great news! Xothique sounds quite cool, but I'm particularly interested in your original material like 8th Planet and Jindelil.

  3. @Austrodavicus: Are you the blogger formerly known as Greyharp?

    @Cyclo: In fact I am polishing up the Chune System map for 8th Planet. Will post it soon!

  4. I can't believe Xothique will finally see the light!

  5. Are you the blogger formerly known as Greyharp?

    Funny you should say that Greg, I was considering changing my user name to a symbol to represent the newer, calmer, less outspoken me, but I couldn't handle the thought of people calling me "The blogger formerly..." well, you said it. But oui, c'est moi! Umm, I mean yes, it's me.

  6. Woo-hoo!
    I am eagerly awaiting the completion of Xothique.
    I really liked the black and white digest sized mock-up you did a while back.
    If you need graphics or art you can count me in!

  7. @AustroHarp: Your assless pants gave you away!

    @B. P. Esq.: Yes! I was hoping you'd offer. I'm thinking that a b/w print version will def be in order. The layout will be very 1979. The cover above is just a variant for the PDF version.

  8. Like an aeroplane, that went over my head. I'm not even going to ask what "assless pants" (or "arseless pants" as we'd say Downunder) means in reference to me. The mind boggles.

  9. Prince wore them in the early 90s to the VMAs. Or perhaps it was the Grammys.

  10. Ahh yes the 90s. I'm afraid I was hiding under a rock that decade.