An Exceptional New OSR PDF

If you haven't already, take a gander at Gabor Lux's Sword and Magic: Adventures on Fomalhaut. It's a free download. Free -- and yet totally invaluable for the insights and tweaks that this GM brings to the table.

Some quick, awesome tidbits that I want to highlight:
  •  "Characters may elect to sell their soul to a chosen evil deity in exchange for +2 to any ability score." From Lux's character creation rules. In the design notes he explains that "Selling souls is provided as an option to realise short-term gains for long-term risk (no possibility of being raised; other consequences that may haunt the character through the campaign)." This is a highly portable bit of genius.
  • "Stargazing (Wis, spellcasters only): with a successful check at night, the character may determine hex-specific position on the world map or read the stars for an omen (vague hint from the GM)."
  • "After a short consultation with the GM, Charnan becomes the low-ranking, but doctrinally impeccable follower of Kang the Thousand-Eyed. Since Kang’s cult is most of all remarkable for its boundless avarice, Charnan now has a basic motivation to become involved in hazardous but lucrative adventures. The GM tells the player what kind of sacrifices he is expected to contribute in a short while: a black bull within a month, three hundredweights of gold (300 gp) and 150 gp worth of scented oils and balms in another, also stating that in exchange, he can also hope for the favourable attention of Kang."
 I. Love. This.

Thanks, Mr Lux!


  1. Just read it... Super work by Lux - I'd love to play in one of his games...

  2. Thanks for pointing the way. Man, I am loving those divine patronage rules.

  3. Thank you for posting this, Greg! :)

  4. My pleasure, Gabor! You are the Doc Barker of the OSR, my friend.

  5. I wish I also had his citations all to myself. That would make me a happy man.