Campaign Cash as Game Pieces

As much as I dislike loathe contemplate the burning of the game of Monopoly -- the Most Tedious Bored Game Ever Created -- I do have to admit that it has some nice props. The board is pretty cool, the little miniatures are neat, I like the property cards, and the money! (I guess I really only dislike the game in practice. As an artifact it's quite interesting.)

Anyway, I like the idea of porting that play money idea to D&D games. It connects the player to his character in a unique way. Money is one of those things we're constantly tabulating as soon as the party hits the town -- or at least this is the case in my campaigns. By handling it as real wads of cash it becomes more meaningful than that scrap paper covered in chicken scratch. And as a consequence it becomes more valuable to the player.

Back in the day I devised some paper money for the home campaign. There were six denominations. Here's an example.

100 Crown Note (front)
100 Crown Note (back)
In this campaign the Sea Merchants had an ironclad grip on local economics and produced their own currency which was recognized in many realms and city-states. I think I posted about the Guild Notes way back in Eiglophian Press days. Recently I've been thinking about making up some cash notes for Hidden Planet. If I had a way to find a crapload of Connect Four chips, I would probably use them to represent coinage.


  1. did you make those? consider this idea stolen.

  2. Steal away! Yep, I designed the note.

  3. You can get tiddly-wink sort of chips and stickers you can write on to put denominations on the "coins" from educational supply shops.

  4. For chips and tokens and such, check out these sources:

    EAI Education:
    http://www.eaieducation.com/ - cheap teacher supplies, like dice, tokens, etc.

    http://www.gameparts.net/ - you can get 1,000 checkers for $57.

    The Game Crafter
    http://www.thegamecrafter.com/ - misc. parts and such

  5. Why thank you, Telecanter. Most of the graphics used were found here: