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A sorceress of Cuuth flying over the Decrepitudes.

Being at the mercy of my muse -- and she's a fickle old weirdo, let me tell you -- my output here recently always has been a little less organized than I would like. Lately all my old weirdo talks about is Jindelil, the oldest extant city on the face of the Hidden Planet. Meanwhile, my notes for Xothique sit idly by, waiting for me to type them up, and 8th Planet (my sci-fantasy venture) impatiently reminds me of that system map I need to finish. The imagination glands might overheat at any moment.


Hidden Planet*
The world called the Hidden Planet is a green-gray sphere orbiting the star Nume. Civilizations have seen many cycles of growth and decay throughout the Planet's strange history, leaving tracks across each of the six standing continents as well as the one that fell beneath the waves. Now many of the eldest towers and monuments have been decimated by the processes of Time, and many of the old races -- the Archaics -- have died off or retrogressed to a state of barbarism.

While the Archaics lapse slowly on into oblivion, the Yeumans who evolved from the gray apes of the Tablelands continue to thrive. For two-thousand years they have dwelt in the land called Cuuth. Their most ancient city -- indeed the most ancient still standing on the face of the Hidden Planet -- is shining Jindelil, seat of the Jale Emperor.

The Archaics
The Archaics have been in decline since the Alteration, a solar event which philosophers ascribe to a sudden shift in Nume's radiance from a mesmeric green to its current dull blue. The Alteration had catastrophic effects on the Hidden Planet's creatures and plant-life. Jungles became wastelands. Empires collapsed. Domesticated beasts returned to the wilderness. Entire systems of life vanished or changed so drastically as to become almost unrecognizable. Many of the Archaic races are now extinct, but there are a few survivals.
  • Gorgons (Scaly Men). Cyclopic humanoids who are now primarily subterranean.
  • Windlocks (Mist Creatures). Delicate, vapor-organed monstrosities who float above the treeline to harvest vital energies.
  • Ywallu (Hairy Giants). Stupid, colossal mammals. Once the brilliant architects of a proud culture -- now reduced to a near-beast state.
*Henceforth all Jindelil stuff will fall under the umbrella of Hidden Planet.


  1. Very evocative. Just curious...what system or systems do you run or plan to run each setting with?

  2. @Drune: I was gonna type a response here, but it got so involved that I'm making it the subject of the next post.

  3. Cool. Don't worry so much about the switching. All of them are interesting ideas.

  4. Thanks, Trey. I figure if I can't always be consistent in terms of what I'm writing about, I can at least try to consistently offer something.