Gods of Law, Chaos and Neutrality: An Alternate Take

Quoted from Doxies & Deadmeat:

Lawful gods tend to be aloof and generally uninterested in the affairs of mortals. They are the meta-mechanics of Nature, keeping a careful eye on the universe's clockwork guts to be certain that things run smoothly till the End of Time. They cherish predictability and are disturbed by the random and anomalous. The most powerful among them can shape time and space effortlessly. Compared to their enemies, the demonic manifestations who give form to Chaos, the lawful gods are few in number. As a rule, they are reluctant to set foot in the Material Plane or interfere in the predetermined flow of eternity. They are stern gods, and their cults tend to echo their austerity.

Chaotic gods all stem from a single, cosmic principle that is known by many names and to many civilizations. The forms these beings take on are aspects of this principle -- though many believe themselves to be distinct personalities with unique qualities and aspirations. In this sense the gods of Chaos are wildly fecund, for they produce endless variations and "offspring" to populate and trouble the cosmos. While the purest among them are neither good nor evil, many chaotic gods have been perverted by lust, envy and hatred. These willful powers assume the character of evil and rejoice in the horrible liberties it reveals to them. Their cults are many and prosperous.

Neutral gods seek a balance between Law and Chaos. Like the gods of Chaos, many neutrals are quite interested in the Material Plane and take an active hand in the events that unfold there. For this reason they are the forces most often called upon by those not given over to the evil gods. Sometimes dubbed the Happy Lords or the Trusted Ones, neutrals are typically worshiped most fervently in villages, towns and cities. Houses of Healing are invariably dedicated to the service of a particular neutral deity.

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