New Cleric Spell: Cure Greg's Migraine

Well today the new campaign starts. And my head is slightly better than it was two days ago. Still have some lingering funk behind my left eye. Top it off with half the normal crew being sick unavailable and two new players being called in on short notice... Here's hoping Lady Chance is on my side tonight.


  1. Sorry to hear about your migraine. Do you get those often?

  2. I need to learn that spell, but I'll need to alter it a bit to cure Tim's migraine. Hope the game goes well. If nothing else you won't have to work to hard to be a squinty villain.

  3. I dig the new banner. Where is that from?

  4. @Trey: Actually this is my second migraine. Haven't experienced anything like this since I was ten or eleven.

    @Tim: It went really well, thanks. A lot of the credit goes to Dyson Logos' one-page Goblin Gully.

    @Greg: That's the work of Philippe Druillet. Not sure what work it originally appeared in. He's got a few really stunning pieces in an artbook called 'H. P. Lovecraft: A Pictorial Anthology'.