A pinch of goblinpubes, a splash of gorgonmilk...

Here's what's cookin':
  • I've created a character for NetherWerks' Zalchis campaign. I will write up a proper intro to Yarrow the Ponderer (imagine Dale Cooper as a plane-hopping gewgaw-hunter) here very soon-ish.
  • I'm gearing up for my own Helioptica in-person-at-my-table campaign. Still ironing out the schedule but it looks as though we may be meeting on Mondays.
  • Il Male, one of our Italian OSR cohorts, is working on a Middle-Earth supplement for OD&D! I'm excited to see this project reach fruition.
  • Next post will be devoted to the Vancian MIII, a spellcasting engine I will be using for Helioptica in lieu of the standard rules set out in Labyrinth Lord.


  1. Thanks for pimping my project! Also, can't wait for more Helioptica :D

  2. A question for you - If I remember correctly the Zalchis campaign uses Labyrinth Lord. Would it be necessary to get the rules for that, or could I muddle through with my AD&D books?

  3. I would advise downloading the free LL pdf:


  4. At first we thought you meant the infamous D. B. Cooper, not the FBI-guy from Twin Peaks...wow...some really fun weirdness going on there. We're looking forward to how this will all unfold in the weeks ahead!