Chune System Map

Above is a compressed view of the inner planets that circle the green star Chune. The gulfs between the worlds are much vaster than what is depicted, with the distance between Quantique and Tlon being significantly understated. The Boondocks campaign begins on Quantique. I wanted to include the possibility of interplanetary exploration, which will open up to the PC party when they reach the dark moon of Jandeline. Travel between worlds is made possible through an ancient network of Jhen-created portals.

Speaking of Jhen, I just recalled this piece by Erol Otus:

Theleb K'Aarna from Deities & Demigods
This is now my go-to image when I want to give someone a visual of what a high-end Jhen magic-user might look like.
Some words about the worlds:
  • PHAX is a world where native creatures appear to be in perpetual haste (as per the spell) due to the planet's rapid (relatively speaking) axis-rotation. Things evolve here at a rate unparalleled by other worlds in the Chune system. For a native of Quantique to visit here an array of magics is necessary to prevent total disorientation. It's said that the ancient Jhen used Phax as a sort of genetic accelerator for the experiments that led to the creation of humans and beast-men. Despite its proximity to Chune, the world maintains a sub-tropical environment due to the storm-wracked atmosphere and interplanetary water/air supply cunningly crafted by the Jhen.
  • PANGASH, once a vibrantly living world, is now a wasteland of volcanic continents and boiling red seas. Its former rulers, the Lighorth (think eyeless Mind Flayers) migrated to the green moons of Xu and Xeth where they have constructed elaborate cities in fertile, fungus-crusted chasms.
  • QUANTIQUE is our campaign hub. Civilization has declined since the fall of the world-girdling Jhen empire. A series of  unnatural disasters has adversely affected the northern magnetic pole, and this has had dramatic effects on both the landscape and the creatures and plants that dwell there. Post-apocalyptic frontier fantasy flavor is what I'm shooting for here. Quantique is orbited by the dark moon Jandeline, covered by a thick, half-mile deep layer of jungles that render it practically invisible from the vantage of Quantique at night. This is the birthplace of Jhen culture and has an aeons-long history that has inexorably led to the race's current state of abject decadence and obsessiveness. A declining birth-rate has left many of its mountain-top cities practically empty. While the Jhen could change this, the near-immortals who remain are far too absorbed with the contemplation of the universe to care much.
  • TLON is a massive, Stone Age wasteland of giant worms and roaming phantasms. Abundant in resources but highly dangerous. Several xenophobic alien civilizations exist here.


  1. Evocative and suitably mysterious. Do I also detect a Borges reference there?

  2. You do indeed, sir!

    As a related side-note: I want to use the creature that Borges suggests in "There Are More Things" as the basis for a race of interstellar travelers.

  3. This is a really awesome setting. The Jhen and the Lighorth are particularly interesting to me. Looking forward to more details.

  4. Thanks, Drune! I'm taking a page from Humanspace Empires and co-opting some Tekumelian beasts and flavorings.

    "Although inter-planar powered disintegrators are often installed in Eyes or other devices equipped with interfogulators, hand held and man portable versions are beyond the superscientific capabilities of Humanspace in the 621st century; however a few examples from inter-dimensional or contra temporal sources have been found..."

    I'm officially hypothesizing that some of these may be of Lighorth manufacture.

  5. How did you do the textures on the planets? They don't look like default photoshop textures to me. just curious

  6. @Greg: I googled for textures like fire, gravel and dirt and then messed with filters and gradients till I got the look I was going for.

  7. I was thinking about taking like a few pics of Mars (there are lots of really good Mars pics from NASA on the interwebs) and using overlays with semi-transparent textures to make a range of different planets. That way, I would still have the 3D effect, know what I mean?

    Because the image looks pretty flat, circles not spheres, know what I mean? I wish I had the skillz to just make them spherical, but I am still a noob in this sense.

    Cool idea though. I like the map

  8. I'm thinking I need to add some polar caps. Esp to Tlon.

  9. Cool. We're finishing-up the revised solar system for Riskail, now that I'm back from the hospital and recovering. Have you worked-out the size/mass of TLON? It feels like a super-massive rocky world, but maybe it has a hollow core???

  10. Glad to see that you're back, Jim!

    While I'm not actively trying to adhere to any sort of cosmological science here, I imagine that Tlon is very light in terms of metal-content (sort of like Vance's BIG PLANET). It has a very thin atmosphere, so visitors from off-planet are advised to bring along some sort of breathing apparatus.