Class and Race Proportions in OSR Campaigns

I was thinking about this last night during my Boondocks brainstorming session with Andy T. I wanted a precise way of talking about how rare races and classes are relative to each other. Short of a pie chart, this seemed like the way to go:

For every 100 fighters there are...
  • 80 thieves[1]
  • 20 acolytes (cultists)[2]
  • 1 magic-user
For every 100  humans there are...
  • 20 half-men[3]
  • 10 beast-men
  • 1 jhen[4]
How does this compare to your campaigns? What do you think "standard" D&D proportions would be?

1. This does not include robbers or highwaymen.
2. Boondocks cleric equivalent.
3. Boondocks dwarf equivalent.
4. Boondocks elf equivalent.


  1. I don't run a D&D campaign, but if I did, I'd probably break the numbers down by class, so humans make up about 63% of the population, with elves, dwarves and halflings making up about 12% or 13% each.

    It's rough and ready, but it would do in a pinch.

  2. I'd say that that is close to my currenty campaign as far as classes go, with there slightly less rogues, but none of my players has opted to play anything but a human.

  3. Yezmyr is roughly 75% fighting-men and 25% sorcerers. There aren't any thieves or clerics.

    As for racial breakdowns, it's 80% humans, 20% chitinous men. The humans breakdown further into high men (40%), low men (55%), and earth men (5%).

  4. I dig it.

    I use the term "half-men" in my campaign, too - it's a human catch-all category that includes dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and pretty much anything else that's short. Most humans don't see much difference between them.