Dungeon Chili

Found between the pages of a moldy, well-worn grimoire:

Tarkwaan's Marvelous Mish-Mash

  • One quarter cup oil of olives
  • Two large-ish onions, chopped
  • Two large green peppers, chopped
  • Two peppers of the Daemonlands, chopped[1]
  • Six cloves of garlic, chopped
  • Two and a half pounds of cockatrice breast, cubed[2]
  • Three and a half tablespoons powder of weeping[3]
  • Two tablespoons paste of tomato
  • One tablespoon ground tree-newt[4]
  • One tablespoon dried snake's mint[5]
  • One large canister diced tomato
  • Three canisters beans

  1. Heat oil in cauldron over medium heat.
  2. Add onions, peppers and garlic; sauté until vegetables begin to soften.
  3. Add cockatrice, sprinkle with salt and pepper; sauté until cockatrice is white on outside.
  4. Mix in powder, paste of tomato, ground tree-newt and snake's mint.
  5. Add beans and diced tomato.
  6. Simmer until cockatrice is cooked through and mish-mash is thickened, about two and a half turns.
  7. Season to taste.
[1] Jalapeno peppers will do the job.
[2] Cockatrice is rare these days; use yard-fowl.
[3] Analogous to chili powder.
[4] ? (We used cumin.)
[5] Oregano has a similar savor.


  1. Awesome!! I will give this a try at first occasion :D

  2. Enjoy, man! I like to put a little smoked chipotle sauce on mine.