Dungeon Survival Skills

Taking a page from Strange Magic, my players and I came up with the simple skill sheet below. Each time a character moves up a level, the player can fill in 1d4 pips (but no more than one pip per skill). Naturally you'd normally roll a d6 for a skill check, though in particular instances I may call for a d8 or d12 roll.

These skills are not meant to be a substitute for roleplaying but rather another way to represent PC strengths and weaknesses as well as quickly "abstract" certain activities.

Some skills force other characters to make Wisdom checks, such as Deceit, Disguise, Forgery and (in some cases) Sleight of Hand. For example: A PC has passed his Disguise check, but in order for a particular NPC to be fooled by the disguise that NPC must fail his WIS check. If the PC rolled a "1" on that Disguise check (total success) there will be a 1d6 modifier to the WIS check (i.e. 1d6 is added to the roll result).

More info on the particular meanings and ranges of each skill next post soon!


  1. Credit for the dice / pips idea has to go to James Raggi over at Lamentations of the Flame Princess, although it does remind me of old school Battletech a bit. :)

  2. Heh @ Stuart - except if we fill all them, we'd be looking for where the skill transfers to. And woe if it's an ammo skill - chance for internal brain explosions! ;)

  3. chance for internal brain explosions!

    Ahahah! :D

    BOOM - Headshot!

  4. This is a really cool idea, whoever invented it. Visual hints for players is very appealing. Though I would only have 5 pips, as there should always be a chance of failure.

  5. @JP: I was thinking of using modifiers for particularly adverse conditions, but I think I like your five-pip idea better. Thanks!