Eastern Boondocks: Gazetteer of Sub-Regions

Boondock Mountains.
A range of pine-covered peaks that curls round to enclose the Igonwood and Fever Marsh. The tallest peaks are clustered on the south-eastern end of the Igonwood. The massive statue of the Jale Emperor situated to the south of Somber Pass points north to the Horse's Head, a grotesquely humped mountain that vaguely resembles the head and neck of a destrier.

Cuuth, Decrepitudes of. ["KOOTH"]
A barren, stony plateau riddled with cracks and crevasses and fissures that grow more treacherous the farther one travels west and away from the Boondock Mountains. The ground is everywhere dusty and pitted. Few plants aside from the purple cacti and the flowering mantrap grow in Cuuth. The Decrepitudes have an evil reputation, due in no small part to the eldritch Temple of Lokrynox and the barbarian settlement called Yggrot in the north.

Dystir Poth. ["DIS-ter POTH" -- rhymes with "Sister Moth"]
A remarkably infertile land studded with tufts of weeds, stray copses of ancient hardwoods and the occasional stone outcropping. In order to grow crops here the use of magic is absolutely essential. The farther one travels south, the more grim the landscape becomes till one reaches the evil kingdom of Hish Hyzob. Wolves and worse things roam here and often trouble the caravans traveling along the Trade Road.

Fever Marsh.
The wet bottom of the bowl formed by the curl of the Boondock Mountains. A boggy mess of twisted trees and swampy corridors. Beware the clouds of biting jabber-flies. Some carry the weird fever that induces fits of loud and ceaseless laughter -- an enticement for native predators. 

Igonwood. ["EYE-gon wood"]
The forest of old growth pines south of the River Hune that encircles the Fever Marsh. Many of the trees here are at least several thousand years old. The eldest have already succumbed to rot and their discarded branches make certain areas nearly impassable. Most beast-men shun the Igonwood, though a few small and evil tribes are known to "walk the circle" [a common expression] though most avoid the Tower of Xyvod.

Merrowesh. ["MAIR-o-wesh"]
A grassy, coastal area that is constantly buffeted by storms and winds traveling across the Sunken Sea. Wild tarpans roam freely here. At times strange things crawl out of the sea to sun themselves.

Sunken Sea.
A stagnant, reed-choked body of water that is very slowly evaporating. Once a major tradeway, the Sunken Sea has become little more than a graveyard of ships and abandoned isles. Serpents, driven by a hunger that has made them aggressive and hateful, patrol the Sea's brown waters and will surely attack and drown any vessel that is not adequately protected.

Trokeen, Highlands of. ["tro-KEEN"]
A long, sloping forest-way that is the province of several neutrally-aligned beast-man tribes. Elder giants will occasionally descend from their caves in winter to hunt the elk-herds that frequent this area.

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