Forgotten Fiends: The Pebble Gnome Principle

So as far as interesting monsters go, the pebble gnome doesn't exactly rock. Sure it's got that crazy, squonk-esque magical resistance, but not much else. Perhaps the pebble gnomes' magical antipathy arises from a steady diet of teary-eyed squonk meat? Anyway, I'm sharing these grouchy little bastards with you because I especially like Don Turnbull's comments:
On the face of it, there seems to be no place for pebble gnomes in D&D -- they won't fight, have little treasure and won't go on adventures. Yet it is only reasonable that, in the course of adventuring, player characters will come across 'monsters' which have no particular function from time to time.
Abso-friggin-lootly, Don. 


  1. I like the illustration with it, though. He looks like a suspicious barkeep.

  2. Good call. I'm thinkin with that magic resistance these guys would make ideal barkeeps in a high-magic milieu.

  3. Timid and dour, but good miners and immune to magic such as Charm spells... I can see them being great for cities. They'd be good petty bureaucrats, tax collectors, and lackeys for powerful nobles.

  4. I usually love any monster illustrated by Russ, and the pebble gnome is no different.