The Jhen

There are no elves in our current campaign. In their stead we have the Jhen, who use elf hit dice, attack tables, saving throws, experience tables and general magic-user/fighter stylings. The Jhen hail from the dark moon called Jandeline, where the root of their culture may still be found, though it has lapsed into a weird, magical-technological decadence. In contrast those Jhen who left Jandeline to colonize the main campaign world (Aarelis or Quantique, depending on who you ask) have become outsiders existing (sometimes parasitically) on the fringes of human society. Like Moorcock's Melnibon√©ans they are the scions of a vast, fallen empire. 

I wanted to give the Jhen men something of a Chinese mandarin/Ming the Merciless look. The markings on the forehead of the sketch above are characteristic birthmarks, unique to each Jhen. Their skin colors range from a chalky pallor to a greenish hue.


The inspiration for the Beast-Men, another of our campaign's player-character races. Credit goes to Captain Atkin, who designed this badass custom action figure.


  1. Who doesn't like a little yellow peril reference with one's decadent, ancient race? I like the Beast-Men, too.

  2. Thanks, Trey! It's all grist for the brain-mill.

  3. Maybe Tigerman from the 1970s Buck Rogers show was a Jhen...?