Naming Names: Gods of the Boondocks Part II

As touched on earlier, the Gods generally fall into three camps: Lawful, Chaotic and Neutral. What follows is a list of god-names most likely to be uttered in a local tavern, usually mixed with an assortment of colorful obscenities and colloquialisms.

Lawful Deities
  • Azartim the Many-Handed (L)
  • Phraal of the Forge (L)
  • Surx, Lord of the Underworld (L)
  • Tvek the Unshakable (L)

Chaotic Deities
  • Attu the Reclaimer (CE)
  • Chu'u-Chagwattu the Burning Thought (CE)
  • Lokrynox the Crystal Ambiguity (C)
  • Shesh-Jaggune the Spell-Eater (CE)
  • Thegg-Thaggox, That Which Dwells Beyond the Gate (CE)
  • Vortagynox, Mother of Gorgons (CE)
  • Yub-Tloggua of the Foetid Pool (C)
  • Ywenna, Mother of Hate (CE)

Neutral Deities
  • Jesmia the Healer (NG)
  • Otwan the Kandoon (TN)
  • Llorc of the Fortunes (LN)
  • Phulx the Sun-Crowned (NG)

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