Our Winning Dungeon-Funk Submission

Cheers to Daddy Grognard!

While it was a tough call, everyone finally agreed that his "Mite Be, Mite Not Be" was Number 17 on the nefarious D30 Table of Dungeon-Funk.

Here's the description of this malady:
The tiny creatures that carry this infection are believed to have originated either in the temple of the god Kuantum where the high priest Heisenberg is said to have created them as a punishment for those who relied too much on certainty, or in the laboratory of the mad wizard Schrodinger, where they lived on his pet cats for many years before moving on.

The infected character becomes the vector for an intense uncertainty field which causes any die roll made by them to be rolled twice. A d6 is then rolled to determine which of the two rolls apply. 1-3 the first one, 4-6 the second one.

Curing the disease means eradicating the mites, which is tricky as they are both there and not there at the same time. Strangely enough, the bite of a blink dog is a potent cure for this condition as is the venom of a Displacer Beast.


  1. Alrighty then! I'll get to work on turning the table into a PDF. It'll also appear in The Order of the d30 Book of Tables PDF I'm working on.

  2. That's awesome, Matt! Thanks for doing this stuff.