Richard Corben's Mutant World

Came across these pics recently and thought I'd share. Anyone own this book? Sells for $75+ on Amazon.


  1. I have digital copies, which I got... somewhere... The book reminds me a lot of Ellison's Vic and Blood stories. It is definitely zanier, but it has that kind of nihilistic 70's post hippy negative view of people. There is a sequel which I enjoyed much more. I'm Corben crazy and although I'd gladly buy a reasonably priced reprint, I would not drop 75$ on this. Of the stuff I don't own physical copies of the only thing I would consider spending this kind of cash on is probably the collection of his Sinbad stuff. Why Corben's stuff hasn't been gathered up in big hardcovers is beyond me. I'd be the first in line to buy it.
    As an aside, My first girlfriend looked just like Kath from Neverwhere, but was more like Kath from Muvovum in personality.

  2. Mutant World and Son of Mutant World are awesomely fantastic. Corben's art is a Plutonic drug from which none can escape.

  3. I stat'ed up that beastie for Mutant Future awhile ago. Looks like a fun book.

  4. The Mutant World stuff is great. Have you seen Corben's illustrations for Hodgson's The House on the Borderland? That's been out a while, but it is gorgeous stuff. He makes the best Pig-Things in the business.

  5. Didn't Corben do something in Epic way back when? Seems like I had that. Such a great style.