Sounds Like Cyberpunk

Let me just preface this post by confessing that I have zip experience with running games set in a cyberpunk setting. I own a copy of Shadowrun, and I think I might still have GURPS Cyberpunk somewhere, but I've only fantasized about using this stuff and what my hypothetical campaign would be like.

While there are a lot of creative exponents of the cyberpunk genre -- the science fiction itself, plus games, live-action films, anime, clothing, etc -- some of you might not be aware of the music scene that is/was most heavily identified with it. And I'm not talking about Billy Idol here (though Billy is okay in my book). What I'm referring to is an array of artists that fall under the categories of Industrial and/or EBM. As synthesizers and samplers became more affordable, musicians influenced by early experimenters such as Kraftwerk and Throbbing Gristle began to appear in Europe and the States. I won't attempt to describe the wide variety of styles and approaches these bands brought to the table, but here's a cross-section of my personal cyberpunk soundtrack:



  1. Sorry to keep cluttering up your blog with near-pointless commentary, but I am very surprised to find somebody with similar taste in music in the DIY D&D blogosphere. You have good taste!

  2. Needs more Numb and Front Line Assembly:



  3. I was just listening to F242 the other day and noted that it perfectlycaptures the mood of my ideal cyberpunk game. Good stuff.

  4. Discipline! DISCIPLINE! We need some discipline in here! Discipline! DISCI-PLINE! We-need-some-discipline-in-here.

    x 100

  5. If you're a fan of electronic/industrial music, you may find this documentary on Kraftwerk of interest.

  6. @SSS: Thank you! This is excellent.