Todd Lockwood's Green Ronin covers

I get the feeling that a lot of Old Schoolers are ambivalent about the artwork associated with New School D&D. Certainly I would totally agree that the guys and gals who made art for early TSR stuff do not get the respect and exposure they deserve. (Yes, I regularly pray at the Erol Otus Shrine.)

That said, I enjoy a lot of the newer stuff too. Which brings me to the whole purpose of this post: Todd Lockwood and the cover art he did for Green Ronin's Races of Renown splatbooks. (Blame The Underdark Gazette.) These were 3/3.5e books in the vein of those softcover 2nd Edition Complete Handbooks. I owned a couple of them, mostly because of Todd's art. The contents were pretty meh, to be honest. Which is too bad, because the Drow are really in need of a good reboot.* Todd's stuff definitely has a Michael Whelan-y thing happening**, and that's probably as close to art criticism as we're going to get here at Gorgonmilk.

*One that forgets the existence of Drizzt Do'Urden.
**Which is to say: It's pretty awesome.


  1. Not to be "that guy", but I think the Bastards & Bloodlines cover was by Ryman, not Lockwood.

  2. Oop! Thanks. I don't mind "that guy" actually.