Ggmlk's Comic Book Love

I was born in the summer of '78, but I was exposed to comic books pretty early on via my grandfather, who is the sci fi nerd's sci fi nerd. His house was literally a live-in gallery for his various collections of Star Wars and Star Trek memorabilia, signed fantasy art prints and originals, collectible pocket knives and plates, resin gnome sculptures, extensive VHS collection (so much good stuff), and so many other things. His comic book collection -- I can't say how many thousands of issues there were -- was kept in a room in the finished cellar. I spent many, many weekends poring over the stuff down there. I'm pretty sure this early exposure to classic Marvel titles like Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man, Conan the Barbarian and its companion magazine Savage Sword of Conan have fixed my personal "golden age" a little earlier than other guys from my generation. Visually I'm all about the three Johns: Buscema, Romita and Byrne. Their visions are the Look I judge all other comic art by. 


I became aware of Bart Sears through his regular "how to draw" column in Wizard. While he failed miserably at teaching me anything, I'm still utterly impressed by his refined, elastic style. Some pin-ups:

Early Sears


  1. '78! You youngsters and your Wizard magazines. ;)

    I agree with your praise for the Trinity of Johns, though.

  2. I had a similar experience, but I'm ten (or so) years older. My twenty something cousin dropped all his comics on me when I was about 8. For me it's all about Jack Kirby (or Richard Corben- but my exposure to his work wasn't until the early eighties).

  3. Cool. My older sister's boyfriend gifted me and my brother a grocery bag full of Superman comics. And thus I learned Superman was a dick: http://superdickery.com/

    And that I really liked the leech and the first Toymman, as psychotic as he was :)

  4. Superdickery.com may just be the best thing on the Internet.