Chemmusod, the Salt Crystal Waste

Among the oddments Vasse Ma displayed for trade in the presence of Avullu the Eyeless and his cohort Gmoss were three captive dominions contained in cubes of ethereal amber. In his impish fashion Gmoss suggested a game set within Vasse Ma's third dominion, the ice-like salt waste labeled Chemmusod. A pretty, shimmering expanse which no doubt evoked Gmoss' child-like fascination with shiny things. Avullu eventually agreed to participate, and then all fell silent in order to to open the door to Chemmusod within their minds. 

Hypnotic blackness undulated before Avullu's mind's eye as he traveled to the shimmering angle that marked the way to Chemmusod. He intuited that Vasse Ma and Gmoss were beside him. The former appeared to be a rotating tetrahedron composed entirely of corded snakes, whereas the latter resembled a cyclopic eel that wriggled through the vapors with erratic glee. Avullu had become a shadowy mote, coursing through the astral medium with blinding speed. To avoid the bodies of passing travelers took all the trio's cunning and skill. These strangers were everywhere in a wealth of grotesque disguises. Some might have been wizards. Others were likely demons that had consumed the minds of wizards and made use of their mental devices.

*  *  *
  • A nearly endless tract of crystalline wilderness ravaged by destructive electrical storms
  • Inhabited by a variety of flora and fauna
  • Such as the wurmlikes, odd creatures that never cease to grow over the course of their lifetimes, which can be aeons-long. They resemble reptiles with insectoid features, such as faceted eyes and varied proboscises. Wurmlikes hatch from eggs no larger than those of a robin. With a steady supply of food and sufficient time to integrate it these tiny creatures become towering behemoths. The largest of these scrape the outer aethers as they roam Chemmusod, always searching for more food and drink to expand their girth. The whole purpose of the wurmlike's existence is to acquire more grazing land, which is controlled and distributed by the largest and eldest of their kind, Bahamut.
*  *  *

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