Hot Elf Chica x2 / Deus Machina Demonbane


So anyone ever heard of this Demonbane franchise? It's a goofy eroge that combines elements stripped directly from the stories of H. P. Lovecraft with mecha (powered by grimoires, no less) and saucy anime ladies. The setting is Arkham City, a post-industrial version of HPL's town. The central conflict -- from what I can tell so far -- pits the folks operating the Demonbane mecha against the corrupt sorcerers of the Black Lodge, headed up by a guy who calls himself the Master Therion. The game was adapted into a twelve-episode anime that manages to up the goofball ante somehow. As an example of how Lovecraft's work has permeated disparate forms of media Deus Machina Demonbane is quite interesting. As entertainment it's only a little painful. From what I understand the game is available on PS2 if you can read Japanese. I have the recently translated PC version.

Yes, the shoggoth is named Dunsany and that might be its penis.


  1. I failed my SAN check on that last pic.

  2. Mecha and saucy anime ladies... what CAN'T they do?

    As for Dunsany, that's his greeting appendage. That's just how they say hello, like a handshake.

  3. For my sins, I have seen the entire series. It's not very good, although as you say, it is interesting to see how HPL's work has been adapted.

  4. Umm wow just Wow that's so wrong on so many levels
    quietly goes to read website about this game.
    So many kinds of wrong. Wonder if I could use this for a
    Cthulhutech game. So many kinds of wrong, now
    writing campaign notes

  5. @Aos: Only the tip of this mind-blasting iceberg, I'm afraid.

    @Quibish: Ah, that's what I'll tell the police next time!

    @Kelvin: I'm almost there! I kinda sorta wish the show was either more serious in tone or way more absurd than what it's managed to be.

    @Needles: Ha! Same thing ran through my mind.