Why Ggmlk Is Excited About THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2012)

We might as well do this in bullet-format:
  • An actor that actually seems like a real-life Peter Parker to me. Tobey Maguire has a slow, sort of stumbling persona on screen, and Spidey is the personification of quick-wittedness. It was a poor casting IMHO.
  • Mechanical web-shooters. Check this video for Andrew Garfield's confirmation of this aspect. I won't get into the utter wrongness of Spider-Man's shooters being portrayed as organic. It's like turning the Punisher into Bushwacker.
  • Emma Stone is way hot.


  1. I cannot disagree with these statements. It still seems too soon to be doing a reboot, and the trailer makes it look a bit emo, but yes.

  2. While I prefer mechanical webshooters, I can't really get behind the fanboy rage about it, and I understand the reasons it was done in the movie.

    The Raimi films got the tone right and I would disagree about MAguire. Spider-Man is the quick one with a quip, but Peter Parker started as a sadsack. MAguire was perfect.

    The new film may be good, but trailer looks entirely too emo, and there's actually no indication in it that this Peter's a science nerd. He seems utterly out of his element in the scenes of his visit to the lab.

    The movie may be great--and I certainly think the Raimi films could be imrpoved upon--but the new trailer doesn't inspire confidence.

  3. I don't have a problem with organic webshooters, but I found both Peter and MJ completely unlikable in the final two Rami films, so, really, new casting and writing could only be an improvement from my perspective.

  4. @Trey: Not fanboy rage so much as disappointment on my part. :-) I don't have anything against Maguire just to be clear. I loved him in "Ice Storm" for instance.