1985 Marvel Subscription Counts

Snatched from the wonderful Marvel Comics of the 1980s blog.

  • G. I. Joe? Reeeally? Not a fan. I mean I owned the toys (I was seven in 1985) and watched the cartoons, but the comic had nothing on Marvel's other stuff.
  • Power Pack had subscribers?
  • Groo!

    1 of the 3 Spider-books out in '85.


    1. You missed out! Some of that 'G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero' was awesome: the wordless issue #21 and the whole Snake Eyes back story, for instance...

      And yay for the beginning of the Marvel run of the cheese-dip, mulching, moralizing and mendicant Groo!

    2. You're crazy, Greg! G.I. Joe was a pretty good comic--at least in the early days. I'd put it against about half the stuff on that list. It was sure as hell better than the cartoon.

    3. :-) I was way too obsessed with Spidey and the FF at the time to give G.I. Joe a fair shake I guess!