Are your players pussies? Find out with Dungeon-Funk

Yesterday I posted a link to the new Dungeon-Funk PDF. Now I'm thinking I should have offered some sort of disclaimer. So here goes:

WARNING! Do not download this product if...
  • You play with dudes who get upset when their low level characters bite it.
  • You're constantly nerfing encounters so that the PCs don't have to think their way through combat.
  • Your players consider the notion of disease in a D&D world to be unfair and a violation of their sacred trust in you, their not-so-dreaded DM who's true purpose is to bend over and gratify their wish-fulfillment fantasies. 


  1. In other words...you should download it!

  2. In other words I think someone, should open a dungeon funk II contest! The first one is awesome & there is a real need for these tables! The first one is awesome but this needs to be opened up!

  3. You can advertise the next edition with "Play with this to prove that your players are more macho than Rick's players."

    Heck, if the next generation of gamers wants to play with this kind of stuff, more power to them. My players are not committed table-top gamers. If gross diseases get the kids to take up the polyhedral dice, then go with whatever works.

  4. I'm liking the tagline!

    I guess I wasn't aware that the tolerance for Garbage Pail Kids-level grossness varied so much. My group isn't all that young [late 20s, early 30s]. Most of us were raised on gory b-movies though, so that could be a determinant here.