John Byrne's Uncanny X-Men #141 cover meme

Prototype: Iron Fist splash page
Uncanny X-Men #141
Variant: What If? #13
Star Trek TNG
Iron Man by Bob Layton

Hawkeye & Scarlet Witch
Young-ish Obi Wan


  1. I don't think the Conan one really fits (although that issue is AWESOME).

  2. It's definitely the odd-man out, agreed. But like the cover to Uncanny #141, the What If? cover owes something to that Iron Fist splash page at the top. And yeah, that ish of What If? is freakin' great!

  3. Anyone know which issue of Iron Fist that is from?

    Also where the Iron Man and the Hawkeye / Scarlet Witch images are from?

    This is my favorite homage cover from UXM141 and would love to buy these issues if they were used as cover art or not. If it was commissions then I'm out of luck.