Uncanny X-Men ends in October [Color Me Skeptical]

I understand that gimmicks are an important part of the comic biz, but this just seems stupid and unnecessary. We all know that Uncanny is going to resume, maybe even before the year is out. It just reminds me of the whole Death of Superman crap.


  1. I briefly reentered the worlds of DC and Marvel this year. Both companies are still producing some good stuff, but all the crossovers and events and what not really turn me off (e.g., The Death of Ultimate Spider-man).
    So I'm back to getting my supers fix from reprints, back issues and Hellboy related titles.

  2. Your experience parallels my own. A few months back I picked up every Romita-era ESSENTIAL SPIDER-MAN available at the local comic shop. And I'm a huge Hellboy fan as well.

  3. Death of Superman
    Death of Captain America
    Death of Electra
    I've heard it all before.
    If you're gonna kill a character off, kill him off!

    Essentials all the way!