Community Project: Update

So I've organized the entries submitted for Longtoe's Miscellany and it appears that -- aside from the tbd format of #13 -- we are lacking only #6. Who's got this one?

Contributors to the overall Goblin Market Project so far:


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  2. 6. The Bone of the Crone. This small six sided die is said to be made from the pinky toe bone of a wicked witch. Whenever it is rolled, strange noises are heard nearby. Roll 1d6 to see what the noise is:
    1. A buzzing drone.
    2. A tortured groan.
    3. A wailing moan.
    4. A falling stone.
    5. A trilling tone.
    6. A voice unknown.
    The sounds last no more than a minute. Each sound will work once per day.
    If someone tries to roll the die more than once in an hour there is a 66% chance that the most recent sound rolled will be heard whenever the character speaks or even whispers. This effect will last one hour.

  3. Ah I missed it! And I was one of the ones who voted for it... the shame...

    I like the new blog header by the way :)

  4. Don't sweat it, Gavin! This project has a Part III that I will unveil tonight.

  5. Waiting Waiting... Still waiting! Can't wait!