Community Project: Which Six?

So several folks posted their goblin-junk when I mentioned the absence of a number six on our latest d20 table. Which is kinda problematic I suppose. Here's what you posted:
  • The Bone of the Crone. This small six sided die is said to be made from the pinky toe bone of a wicked witch. Whenever it is rolled, strange noises are heard nearby. Roll 1d6 to see what the noise is:
    1. A buzzing drone.
    2. A tortured groan.
    3. A wailing moan.
    4. A falling stone.
    5. A trilling tone.
    6. A voice unknown.
    The sounds last no more than a minute. Each sound will work once per day. If someone tries to roll the die more than once in an hour there is a 66% chance that the most recent sound rolled will be heard whenever the character speaks or even whispers. This effect will last one hour. [Nemo235]
  • The Princess Frog. This dried frog corpse radiates a strong dweomer. All it needs is raise dead and a kiss from a prince, and you'll have your very own princess. Guaranteed, or your money back. [Beedo]
  • Vilijuh's Jerkin. A tattered malodorous black goblin-sized leather jerkin with white cat fur trim. The coat's odour prevents the wearer from being tracked by scent but dogs have an adverse dislike of the wearer (-3 to reaction rolls). It's pockets contain a small broken ceramic badge a pin and a deflated bladder. [satyre]
  • Bone dice. A pair of small white cubes with various numbers of spots on each face. Can be used to alter fate. Price: will swap for object of equal or greater value. [Sir Timothy of Kent]
So how should we determine which one of these entries will be number six? A d4 roll? What do you guys think?


    1. It's number six, so one of the six-sided dice seems appropriate, and since the first suggestion is a singular die, that seems like the best fit to me. Roll a six, roll a six-sided die.

    2. It would be a pity to lose the others though. You could always do a Longtoe and make number six a subtable of four, something like 'Crabapple's Bag o' Worldly Repossessions'.

    3. I realise I have a vested interest in this, but I say roll a d4 and let chance decide. Then use the other three to start a second table...

    4. You just need 2 more entries and you can roll a d6 for number 6...

    5. The item has a glamour on it! Roll 1d4 for the item the charcaters initially think they are buying. Roll 1d4 when the characters buy the item and look at it again. All sales are final!
      Or just use the first one posted.