The dirty wizard

So my Halloween costume concept this year is "dirty wizard" -- a lot of people seem to be interpreting that as "pervy wizard", which is not really the same thing (though I suppose he could be a "pervy dirty wizard"). What I actually have in mind is a kind of sorcerer-hobo. A drifter with a grimy, pest-infested beard, a magic amulet (made by my bff sekhmet ), an old tarot card in his pocket (the Tower), maybe a cloak -- though I'm leaning more toward some patchy dress pants and a tattered vest. 



  1. A battered tophat would be a nice accessory.

  2. Ah, the hedge wizard! The most interesting type of wizard.

    Go out collecting fallen feathers. Doesn't matter how tatty they are. String them on to something. if you're lucky you might find bones or even an animal skull! (or just use some chicken thigh bones that you have boiled clean).

    Pouches. Have lots of pouches. This also gives you somewhere to keep all your money (or candy) in the absence of pockets.

    A hip flask or two with sigils drawn on in chalk.

  3. That guy lives in my city.

  4. Did Catweazle ever make it over your way?

    Or perhaps something a little more Jethro Tull?