From the Ggmlk Archives

I don't have many regrets despite all my past bad behavior and misdeeds, but one thing I do lament is not saving much of the art, scribbles and text I have produced over the last thirty-odd years. To an extent the digital age has inhibited my trash-and-burn tendencies. Stuff gets saved and stored away until I have the desire to revisit it. Like I'm doing today.


Greater Dyanmir was an experiment in map-making using Photoshop 7 (which is still my image software of choice). I considered using it as a campaign environment but -- like so many things -- the project was buried. There are some serious goofs exhibited here. I still really like the color palette.

Dolmen Island was drawn by cartographer Jonathan Roberts. He based it on my really rough sketch and was good enough to design all sorts of neat terrain for me -- such as the Pine Barrens in the northwest. It was the setting for a brief sandbox campaign.

I redesigned Dolmen Island a year or so ago to make it more crawl-friendly. The blue hexes are special locations, while the green and orange are mid- and high-frequency random encounter zones, respectively.


Like many of you I suffer from acute character record sheet OCD. The CRS is essentially the players' interface with the campaign world and to an extent the rules. I'm constantly reworking these damned things to create the right feel and functionality -- or at least my idea of "right" -- which may be totally weird, I realize.


  1. LOVE those maps! So glad you're into saving that stuff! Speaking of which, I'm always wowed by the wonderful headers for your blog. Are those original? You should post a gallery of past ones.

  2. Thanks, Jay! I think a Ggmlk header retrospective could be fun. Will post 'em soon. They're all "original" in the "Hey, I took your old D&D art and threw some soda cans and other little bits on it" sense :-)