Long Guns & Cannibals: Further Thoughts

If James Fenimore Cooper dropped mescaline with Aldous Huxley and Robert E. Howard after reading Hiero's Journey -- well then we might be getting close to the flavor and feel of a Long Guns & Cannibals [LG&C] campaign. Part frontier horror, part head-trip to the Lovecraftian Beyond, LG&C already boasts an impressive array of character classes created by members of the OSR community. The plan here is to generate enough material to run a campaign with while leaving ample room for DM expansion and interpretation. I realize I'm sorta the default MC and instigator to this weird ballad, but I want to keep the creative process open. I'll offer suggestions and see where the collective imagination of the old school crowd takes us.

Future LG&C-related community projects:
  • Critters of the Oddir Ondax: A monster book detailing the denizens of the old-growth wilderness located to the north-west of the Charter Settlement. We'll start it as a random encounter table.
  • Rumors heard in the Snake's Tail Tavern: An assortment of tall tales and factual information.
  • Queer Goings-On: Twenty things the local witch might be doing when he should be around to cure your cough.


    1. Throw in a bit of Manly Wade Wellman and Clark Ashton Smith on shrooms and I am 110% sold. Run with LG&C, it is great idea.

    2. Sounds wild - very cool - look forward to seeing more.

    3. @ancientvaults: Good call. I'm completely down including MWW and CAS in LG&C's Appendix N.

      @Matt: Thanks, man. I'll keep the ball rolling.

    4. [The bashi-bazouk kicked the lone beggar as the latter snored in the desolate alley.
      "Which way is the lair of the Astralnaut's Guild?" the irregular fighter asked the homeless man.
      "Who asks?" replied the beggar.
      The bashi-bazouk drew a foot long curved knife.
      Suddenly the beggar had a pistol in his hand, pointed at the mercenary's temple.
      "Listen closely, bandit," the man hissed at the bashi-bazouk who now looked quite pale. "No common fighter just walks into the Guild of Astralnauts, least of all one as unkempt and rude as you. Return to your masters and trouble us no more with your bravado until you have learned some manners."]

      (I'm a little jacked by this idea of yours.)

    5. @ancientvaults: It's like a LG&C koan! Excellent stuff and suggestive of new setting elements. Keep 'em coming.

    6. I thought of Astralnauts while on a walk this evening; master teleporters and planeshifters who store things on the Astral Plane to recover later. These talented mystics are in high demand as the first spasms of the industrial revolution begin...

    7. Astralnauts are a wonderful addition to this already heart stew! This could open the way to using a Higher/Lower approach to the astral light that would make it easier to leave stuff right out in the open for everyone to stumble upon it (Lower/near astral) and where naughty spirits and manitou could mess with it --or you could make a special effort and reserve a pocket out past the perimeter, in the higher astral, where those without guides or who don't know the marks are likely to get lost, cast adrift, shanghaied or worse. The pesky low order spirits (howlers, legions, blighters, moaitou, etc.) would be unable to reach these astral redoubts and vaults, and casual explorers are very unlikely to ever suspect they exist, and if they do, they can't reach them without tokens, signs, and knowledge carefully guarded by the guilds, orders, cults, etc.

      Loads of potential adventure possibilities are right there...

    8. Ack! Sorry about all the typos. Just got the coffee going...