Hey, it's that map again

So a while ago John Williams of Rule of the Dice posted a label-less campaign map. I've been working with it to prep for the new campaign (which will involve old Jandeline). What you see below is an area called Eastern Arkhemia, part of the weird plane of Quantique.

Scale: It takes three days to walk the coastline from Ulphire to the Bay of Kloog. Figuring at 3 mph for thirty hours total walking, that's about 90 miles.

Towns and Settlements
  • Iron Fortress: A wealthy, heavily fortified town managed by evil humans who enslave dwarves to mine the rich iron deposits found to the north-west.
  • Kloog: A town nominally under the control of the Red Priests of Labyrinthine. Known for its gambling halls, shipyards and vineyards.
  • Labyrinthine: An island-castle on the Lake of Floating Mosses. Only members of the Cult of the Dark Mother who bear the Mark are permitted entry.
  • Mount Orlock: A hollow-mountain fastness created by the dwarves long ago, now under the aegis of the so-called Vampire Kingdom.
  • Ulphire: A poor town in a constant state of disrepair due to regular raids from the inbred half-orc hill-people to the east.
  • Elder: Wilderness inhabited by ogres, ghosts and exiled elves. Not a favored trade route.
  • Handsome Plains: Expansive grasslands rich with game. Horned giants and nomads are known to hunt there.
  • Lonesome Mountains: Sacred "cradle" of the horned giants. Not much is known about these forested mountains.
  • Nomadic Territory: Barbarous land frequented by the gypsy-like woses or nomads.
  • Phantom Lake: A perpetually foggy body of water frequented by foreign merchants. Reputedly haunted.
  • Purple Jungles: Wilderness of violet fungi and flowering trees rife with displacer beasts and other weird monsters.
  • Vampire Mountains: The obsidian borders of the wealthy Vampire Kingdom. Patrolled by night-gaunts and lamia.


  1. Now there's somewhere I'd love to adventure in. :-)

  2. Oh and the map is by John Williams, which he gave away on the Rule of the Dice blog.

  3. I'm glad you like the map. It makes me very happy when people use stuff I've made for their games, that's what this whole DIY RPG,OSR thing is all about.

  4. Nice layout & map! Very cool contents!

  5. Nice map and cool setting you've worked up!

  6. I'm going to use that same map for my new game.

    What did you figure the scale of the hexes to be?

    1. I figure 30 miles on the longest diagonal.