Races & Classes of Eastern Arkhemia

  • Human -- The humans of this region are recent immigrants from the Western Dominions -- with the exception of the nomadic woses. They are a recent (300 years old) addition to Arkhemian society. Humans dwell in the coastal cities [Ulphire, Kloog and the Iron Fortress] as well as the island-castle Labyrinthine. Some are slaves in the Vampire Kingdom. The woses roam their ancient holdings in the Nomadic Territory and sometimes venture north onto the Handsome Plains. Foreign humans from other dominions frequently dock at Arkhemian ports.
  • Half-Orc -- The product of taboo interbreeding with transient orc tribes, most local half-orcs hail from the hill-dwellings east of Ulphire and the Pungent River. They have a reputation as inbred yokels, though some manage to earn respect as street toughs in Iron Fortress and Kloog.
  • Dwarf -- The vast majority (95%) of local dwarves are bonded servants of the Iron Fortress. Free dwarves are often drunks and addicts. A few choose to live as hermits in the forested hills south of the Vampire Mountains.
  • Elf -- Elves in this part of Arkhemia are typically exiles of the Underlands, driven to the surface as punishment for their crimes. They are a moody, murderous lot who tend to be found in the Elder region. Most dislike humans and have limited tolerance for other races.
  • Sasquatch -- Hairy humanoids from beyond the Lonesome Mountains. They are considered barbarians by most human cultures. Often found under the employ of caravans as guides and protection. They live by a strict moral code that forbids the use of human-made magics.
  • Half-Quatch -- The product of taboo interbreeding between human and sasquatch. Smaller but smarter than their hairy parents.

  • Fighter -- A staple of Eastern Arkhemia's "Wild West" environment. A lucrative profession.
  • Thief -- An all-too-common byproduct of Arkhemia's hazardous social conditions. Urban thieves operate as a loose brotherhood of pick pockets and burglars. Rural thieves are brigands or highwaymen.
  • Magic-User -- At levels 1-3 they are under the tutelage of a local Master such as Tantalore of Kloog or Mormeloon the Transmuter. At level 4 the magic-user is an Adept and must locate new spells to add to his/her repetoire. There are no more than several dozen magic-users scattered throughout Eastern Arkhemia, and most of these are Apprentices (level 1-3). Rivalries exist between the schools of various Masters, such as the students of the Enchantresses of Mount Phantioch. [Most elves are default magic-users with access to m-u and druidic spells. Most learn to cast spells under the tutelage of a Chimera (rarely another type of trans-aetheric being).]


  1. I had a PC race that was sort of a human/sasquatch hybrid, but I went with the much more boring name of Beastman. Half-Quatch is SO good!
    I salute you, sir.

  2. Thanks, BB! "Beastman" is one I've used before too.