Vampire Wizards of the North announce 63rd Edition

DISASSOCIATED PRESS -- In a perhaps not-so-surprising move by the revered undead gamesmiths, Vampire Wizards of the North has announced that a new edition of its famous game, LIKE CHESS BUT EVER SO SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT & DRAGONZ (TM), will appear in this high holy Year of the Seven-Breasted She-Sphinx. "It is the Future of Gaming," explains VWotN CEO Grampam Unster. "This time, yes, this 63rd time, we attained a degree of perfection with the magick and kombat systems so explosively perfect that it burst through the upper ceiling of old perfection to become the New Perfection in a space located outside this and several other realities. Also -- it may shock you to learn that we are accepting pre-orders for this and subsequent splatbooks at this time."


  1. These days, I feel like the 57th edition was the best, but I did participate (briefly) with an irregular unit in the anti-49th campaign in '91. I was pardoned for any and all crimes committed at that time in the post-52nd edition amnesty when I signed up for online services.

    1. I tend to agree with the aesthetic scholars of the Antique Renaissance, who also supported the 57th Ed. Particular works (Justin Geoffrey's Kaddath RPG and Zaksmythe's city of Vorthelm immediately come to mind) tend to outdo the classic LCBESSD&D of the 23rd Ed. (which they draw much of their inspiration and charm from ironically).

  2. Everyone knows 56.79i was the best edition. I don't see why so many sullen mouthbreathers waste their time playing editions released before or after it.