Pursuit & Evasion: How do you handle it?

A riff on some rules of pursuit and evasion as described by Courtney @ Hack & Slash:
All of this leads to the final factor, which is Pursuit.
Thankfully, because this was actually used in play, encountering something faster then you isn't instant death. You have an 80% chance to evade something chasing you.
-20% if they are faster
-50% if you're on a plain, desert, or open water
-30% during daylight.
This is such a universal aspect of D&D and all its offspring, and yet I've never seen it handled exactly the same way twice. How do you guys and gals adjudicate pursuits? Looking at Mr Campbell's list of adjustments, I think I might include advantages like flight (stirges, ghosts, night-gaunts, etc) and familiarity with the terrain.

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