"Towers of Pan Leng" | Howardo-Lovecraftian campaign ideas

Towers of Pan Leng (setting)
Located on the southern shores of Mu

Illus. by Mike Franchina
  • Mu is a continent east of the Long Sea
  • it is mountainous with an equatorial climate
  • Human civilization has receded to the eastern end of the continent (called Lemuria) after a series of natural disasters
  • Pan Leng was evacuated centuries before during a series of volcanic eruptions that transformed the west into a wasteland of stagnant swamps and fungus-crusted trees
  • the city was once inhabited by a cyclopean race called the Nacaali who bred humans as slave stock
  • the Eye Lords worshiped the Old Ones called Nug and Yeb and made many offerings to the Twin Obscenities
  • human females offered as tribute to Nug and Yeb mothered the tcho-tcho, a hybrid race of monsters who dwell in dank caverns beneath the surface, sometimes in cave-mouths located in remote areas
  • other monsters: ape-men, phantoms, fungus-pigs, fish-men
  • the towers of pan leng are situated on the southern coast
  • each is dedicated to a different Old One -- Nug, Yeb and their various cohort-deities
  • the city of Pan Leng was erected near the towers (much older structures)


  1. My campaign world is due a place like this, and I've long-meant to insert one, if only to have a place to set "Dwellers of the Forbidden City". Thanks for the reminder.

    And extra points for 'fungus pigs'.