Carcosa: Space Aliens Query

Been jotting down ideas pertaining to a booklet concerning Carcosan alien visitors. So far I've had some interesting and great responses through e-mails.* I was wondering what OSR fandom in general thinks about this question: 

What sort of alien(s) would "fit" in your Carcosa campaign?
(a) Grays
(b) Kirby-esque science-fantasy race(s)
(c) Fortean monsters
(d) Other [please describe]
(e) A combination of the above
(f) Both (d) and (e)

* Ggmlk e-mail: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com


  1. A combination of all of the above for an awesome project! Very cool idea!

  2. f. I find Vance's various insectoids fit just fine alongside Lovecraftian sea life and McKinney's various jellies and vortices. If you can have a Colour Out Of Space, what can't you have?

    Carcosa can even make Trekian funny-forehead-humanoids look good, and I usually despise those.

  3. I always imagine that they're Grays as the text suggests.

    That having been said, I have no problem with them looking differently. Even among the same "race" one could assume that several races compose what are termed "Space Aliens," or that extensive genetic manipulation has taken place.