Ggmlk's Weird Dice

A. Cthulhu Die (d12) by Steve Jackson Games
Rended Press came up with a sweet table for this eldritch-themed one-shot. There are five different possible results: Cthulhu symbol (1); Eye of Nyarlathotep (1); Derlethian Elder Sign (1); Tentacle (4); Yellow Sign (5)

B. d10,000
These are so hefty that I recommend using a cup to roll them. I need to come up with some sort of malevolent use for them.

C. d30
A truly weird die that lends itself to random tables. (See D30 DM COMPANION)

D. Just a couple d6
Since I've started using OD&D rules in earnest it turns out that six-siders are incredibly useful. I like using these two in collusion because they differ in both size and color.

E. Hit Location Die (d12)
Whenever there's a question as to just where that damage was dealt, this is a great die to have handy.

F. Zero-to-Fivers (d6)
I have no idea what game these were originally intended for. I've considered using them for rolling ability scores for NPCs because they allow for such a wide range of results.

G. d24
A good die for determining the answers to time-related questions.

H. Knuckle-sized d20s
With a normal-sized yellow d20 for size comparison. These make a pleasing sound when they roll across the table. A great attack die for sword- and axe-man types. Gives the players a nice false sense of empowerment.

I and J. d16
I'm not such a fan of spindle-shaped dice. So far I haven't come up with an appropriate use for these.


  1. You mean you haven't yet embraced the awesomesauceness of The Order of the d30 yet?


    1. I have mucho respect for the Order. :)