Gygaxian Star Wars: Too Sexy to Not Be Kinda Real

So Dra8er -- who commented on that review from the other day -- successfully disbelieved my illusion. Right now Gygaxian Star Wars is just a sheaf of notes and a sweet cover. I can't say when you will hold it in your hands, but hope springs eternal, right? If you've followed Gorgonmilk for any length of time you've probably become aware of my seriously serious case of Game Designer ADD. Sadly there are no commercially available meds to treat this disease at present, but I hear good things from my contacts at Merck.

Right now GSW is one among a handful of open-ended, deadline-less projects that must/will be completed. If you'd like to hound me personally -- or better yet offer support, encouragement and creative nudges -- feel free to drop me a line: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

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