REVIEW: Star Wars, the Gygaxian RPG

Back/Front Cover
Name: Star Wars: The Gygaxian Role-Playing Game [GL1]
Publisher: Kenobi Analog Games
Author: Anonymous
Category: RPG
Cost: $0
Format: 8" x 5 3/4" booklet
Pages: 32
Year: 2012?
Initial impression: This is basic D&D with light sabres! 

At 32 pages this booklet is by no means an exhaustive foray into the world(s) of Star Wars. In fact, it provides just enough nuts and bolts to run the game, leaving lots of room for the referee to develop, expand, and explore. Six races (including droids) and five classes are offered up in the first section. Later sections are devoted to the Force, some technologies useful to adventurer types (including weapons), space craft, and finally some pages about alien beasts. Interestingly, that last section looks to the Traveller RPG for inspiration. Beasts fall under general categories like "Large Land Predator" and "Small Flying Herbivore" (which makes sense considering the vastness of the setting).

Overall a tantalizing little booklet that is quite different than previously published Star Wars games. Looking forward to running a scenario with it next weekend!


  1. Where can we get this booklet ? The url pointing to the publisher seems broken.

  2. Yeah, I'd really like to get a hold of this.

    Has this game really been done or is this some kind of teaser or prank post or something?

    Yeah the link is broken & google doesn't turn up much either.

  3. Is this for real? I'm really interested!!!

  4. It's fake, photochopped onto that paper that I've got a stock shot of.

    Not to mention the bar code has 10 0's & in reality a scanner would read that one as having 0's & 1's...

  5. I'm not laughing because I want this in my grubby little hands.. Now! Make this happen!

  6. I so want this. We need to make it happen FOR REALZ!

  7. Oh please I want this one so bad. SO BAD MAN.

  8. I made some OD&D clone wars stuff.. no classes yet...


  9. Hello,
    How is that project going ?
    Any date approximation for a PDF release ?

    1. The project is currently on ice. I'd like to see it completed but my co-writer and collaborator dropped out. So essentially there's no one to keep me on task at the moment.