Gygaxian Star Wars: Outline

The seed for this whole project comes from two personal disappointments:
  1. My disappointment that the systems within Traveller were so different from the basic framework of D&D. (Probably unfair because it's a cool game in it's own right.)
  2. My disappointment with the thread of developments within the Star Wars universe after Return of the Jedi.
I've never really been keen on the d6-based system of WEG's  Star Wars RPG either, come to think of it. It just seemed like a natural fit to apply the Star Wars milieu to the basic mechanics of D&D in a way that avoided over-complication and allowed for maximum referee creativity and idiosyncrasy.

To accomplish this I know I have to limit myself in terms of page-count. I want 32 pages of essential rules for running Star Wars campaigns and nothing more. Something that breaks down like this (or nearly so):
  • Ability Scores section [2 pages]
    • Strength
    • Dexterity
    • Constitution
    • Intellect
    • Perception
    • Charisma
  • Character Types (in lieu of the term "Races" because droids are non- or only semi-biological and do not normally self-propagate) [5]
    • Human
      • Standard
      • Cyborg
    • Droid
      • Protocol Droid
      • R2 Unit
      • Basic Combat Droid
    • Rodian
    • Twi'lek
    • Wookiee
  • Character Classes [5]
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Force-user
      • Adept
      • Jedi
      • Sith
    • Rogue
      • Ex-Soldier
      • Smuggler
  • Experience Tables [2]
  • Saving Throws [2]
    • vs Chemical
    • vs Disease
    • vs Psionics
    • vs Radiation
    • vs Trauma (physical)
  • Combat Procedures [2]
  • Equipment and Weapons [4]
  • Space Travel [4]
  • The Force [4]
  • Bestiary Tables [2]


  1. Do it. Now. This is the best idea I've heard for a Star Wars game in SO FREAKING LONG. I might actually play it then.

  2. Great!! However I suggest changing saving throw vs. psionics to vs. force.

    1. But can one truly save against the Force?? Wouldn't your molecular structure collapse?

  3. I am super excited about this and offer any help you need to accomplish this! I can offer layout or really bad art, editing, or just cheering you on. :)

    1. Sweet, Mike! Drop me a line:

      flowthrake AT gmail DOT com